Female Mannequin Torso / Bust | MFT005


Female Mannequin Torso / Bust

Female Mannequin Bust

Clothing Torso

Sizes: Multiple Sizes Available


Female Mannequin Torso | Female Mannequin Bust | Half Body Mannequin | Clothing Torso

Mannequin “N” Manikin presenting you this product for any of your business, Female Mannequin Torso / Bust for Shops, Female Torso / Bust for Showroom, Female Torso / Bust for boutique, display Torso, Display Dress Torso / Bust, Torso for window display, Torso for Clothing Display, Torso for retail stores, Torso for Fashion Designer.

These Torso / Busts are available With or Without the base.

Article Code: MFT005


  • High quality and solid construction
  • Beautiful abstract design
  • Made of heavy-duty plastic polyethylene that is almost unbreakable
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Torso can also stand up on its own on a table
  • Sizes: Multiple Sizes Available


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