Realistic Mannequins

Realistic mannequins help feature clothing and other products in the most exclusive boutiques and merchandising stores. With their realistic poses and facial features, realistic mannequins provide customers with a good idea of how the displayed products will look in real life. With all the different details available, it is easy to find the perfect mannequin to suit your retail needs.


Realistic mannequins represent a variety of real-life looks. They are available in short and tall statures. There are baby mannequins, child mannequins, teenager mannequins, as well as adult mannequins. Adult females come in slender to plus size figures. Adult male mannequins are available with slim, athletic, muscular, as well as large physiques. Each mannequin has height and measurements specified in its description.

Most realistic mannequins are made from high-quality fiberglass in order to create the life-like appearance. We Mannequin N Manikin are the only Indian mannequins Manufacturer who never used Scrap Fiber or Fiber Cut-piece. While plastic models are more affordable, fiberglass mannequins look more human. Permanent makeup creates realistic facial features on fiberglass mannequins. Some fiberglass mannequins include molded hair while others may require additional props such as a wig.

Realistic mannequins are offered in a wide array of poses in order to fit all types of retail needs. From a crawling baby mannequin to an adult female mannequin in a sexy pose, there are dozens of posed mannequins to choose from. If your retail venue requires a change of poses, you can opt for a posable mannequin with movable joints. These types of mannequins have limbs which can be moved into realistic positions. In case you require your mannequin to be extremely bendable, you may wish to opt for a mannequin whose body is made of dense foam. While the head is made of fiberglass for the realistic facial detail, the bodies of some mannequins are made of a dense foam which is flexible enough to be molded into all kinds of poses.


Realistic mannequins can be easily dressed. While the flexible bodies can be comfortably guided into the clothing, fixed bodies have removable limbs to simplify the dressing process.

A female realistic mannequin can command a strong presence within a retail store and have customers do a double take on its stunning beauty. Realistic mannequins are also versatile because of their need for wigs or headwear. By changing the wig on the mannequin, you can change the “look” of the model in seconds.

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